A Motivating Coach: Christopher McCann

By Michael Shen


For the boys varsity soccer team, a new season means a new start, new players, and most importantly, a new coach — Christopher McCann.

Before moving to Great Neck, Coach McCann served as both the junior varsity soccer coach and physical education instructor at Westbury High School for one year. Here in Great Neck, Coach McCann teaches physical education at both Baker Elementary School and South High School.
Coach McCann started playing soccer at the age of three, and when he was 19, he had his first coaching job for Coastal Soccer USA. In college, Coach McCann had the opportunity to play for Adelphi University. Outside of school, he currently works with the Long Island Rough Riders.

Coach McCann is excited to be the boys’ varsity coach because one of his life-long dreams  is to teach what he has learned about soccer to younger players and share his passion for soccer with the rest of the team. In addition, he wants to teach his team values that apply outside of soccer, such as teamwork, dedication, and cooperation. “I hope that my work ethic and passion for both life and soccer can impact the team in any way possible,” said Coach McCann.

This season, his goals for the team include making the playoffs, winning a home playoff game, and making the county finals, an accomplishment last achieved in 2011. Coach McCann described his team as a “strong group of players with a lot of potential for success.”
Photo by Ethan Volk