Science Olympiad Team Qualifies for State Competition

Sophomore Caroline Weinberg participates in the Science Olympiad competition. Photo taken by Evangeline Giannopoulos.

By Evangeline Giannopoulos

Shouts of victory, hugs of joy, and smiles of pride: members of South’s Science Olympiad team had just been announced second place winners. On Saturday, Feb. 4, the team competed in the Western Long Island regional competition at Kellenberg Memorial High School.

The Science Olympiad team is divided into three sub-teams of 15 students each: A, B, and C. Being a member of the team requires “hard work, dedication, and incredible cooperation,” according to the coach, Dr. James Truglio.

The competition is composed of 20 different events in various fields of science, from Astronomy to Anatomy and Physiology. Out of 72 schools, the C team came in twenty-first place with three medals, B in twelfth with three medals, and A in second with thirteen medals.

Cristina L., sophomore and member of the A team, said, “I didn’t think we would rank so highly and win so many medals, but at the same time, I kept on hoping that we would.”

The last time the team performed this well in the regional competition was in 2003. “I knew we would be successful, but the team exceeded my expectations…and my expectations are never low,” remarked Dr. Truglio.

The A team will now advance to the state competition at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, at the end of March. The team is already preparing and hopes to make it to the national competition. According to senior Daniel L., member of the A team, “this is the best team I’ve ever seen in my life…I trust everyone on it and feel confident that we can do it.”

In order to advance to the national competition, which will be held at the University of Central Florida in May, the team must win either second or first place at states.

“Ideally, we will make nationals. For that to happen, we need people to come together, coalesce, operate….it is a team effort now. No more independently working just to win one medal,” said Dr. Truglio.

The closest South has ever come to making it to nationals was in 1988, when the team came in fifth place at states. According to Daniel L., “if our school ever has a chance of making it to Nationals, it is now.”