‘From Chopin to the Beatles,’ South’s Bi-Annual Music Night Treats Audience to Diverse Music Selection

By Nikita Metharamani
As students and parents gathered into the band room for South’s bi-annual Music Night on Friday, March 2, they were treated to a variety of musical talent, diverse music selections, and scrumptious deserts. The evening gave South’s vocalists and instrumentalists an opportunity to socialize and perform among their peers.
Music Department Head Mr. Michael Schwartz said, “I don’t know if any other show can go from Chopin to the Beatles, but that’s what happens on Music Night!”
Music Night was created three years ago to give South students an opportunity to perform on stage even if they didn’t participate in events such as the opera and play. Junior Marc Fishman said, “I’ve enjoyed having a chance to perform these past years. It has been a great experience. It’s great how the music ranges from classical to rock to opera: you name it!”
The Music Community Outreach Club, MCO, helped organize Music Night. Along with Fishman, junior Lauren Shum is the co-president of MCO. She said, “We’re really trying to increase our community involvement; Music Night was a community event, so it was only natural that we went out and performed. This was actually the first Music Night that we had everyone perform together as a club.”
The vocalists and instrumentalists of the night enjoyed choosing the music that they performed. Sophomore James Kennedy said, “My favorite part of Music Night was being able to perform. The turn out this year was great. The fan-base is growing a lot!”
Sophomore Cristina L. added,“ It was fun to perform and watch everybody else perform, too. It’s good to know that you have people there for you.”