DECA’s ‘Group Effort’ Translates Into Historic Success

By Christine Wong

Following DECA’s State Career Conference (SCC), a student from North messaged DECA Internationals’ qualifier and senior Kevin Miranda on Facebook the following: “Yo, man; tell me the secrets of your [DECA chapter]. Seriously, why are you guys so good at DECA?”

The student was alluding to the fact that 28 South students qualified to compete at the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in Salt Lake City, Utah, in late April and early May.

In total, South brought about 60 students to the SCC. The conference was held in Rochester from March 7 to 9.At the conference, students all over New York competed, taking multiple choice marketing and business administration exams, showcasing role-plays, and presenting 10 or 30-page manuals to judges. At the closing awards ceremony, the top four teams or individuals in each event were named as qualifiers for the ICDC.

Business teachers and DECA advisers Mr. Rick Vine and Ms. Sheryl Burger were astounded by the chapter’s success. They believe that it is amazing for a school to have one student move on to the ICDC and are ecstatic that South has twenty-eight students attending the conference. “It’s the hard work and effort of students with genuine interest in business that drive South’s success,” said Ms. Burger. “I felt like a proud parent when I saw so many students from our school go up to receive their awards and qualify to proceed on to the ICDC.”

Seniors Brian Rosenfeld and Josh Rosenfeld are the Co-Presidents of the club. Brian Rosenfeld attributes the chapter’s success to club members’ hard work and teamwork. He said, “Our chapter offers many opportunities for students to learn business terminology and to practice role-plays. This is one of the key reasons why we as a club are successful. Even though many students compete in individual events, the club works as a team. Club members are able to learn from one another and improve their own performance as a result. It’s really a group effort.”

Josh Rosenfeld shares Brian’s viewpoint. He said, “Each year the chapter achieves a higher level of success, and I could not be prouder. It feels great to be a part of such a nourishing organization: All club members work together to prepare for competition and support each other in every way. I remember when I was a freshman, learning the ropes from the seniors. Now, Brian, I, and the other seniors are passing our information along and mentoring the younger members. DECA really creates close friendships and unforgettable experiences, and I could never thank Mr. Vine and Ms. Burger enough for their enthusiasm and leadership. I’ll also really miss DECA in college. I’ve had so many great experiences and will always have fond memories.”