Seniors Win Rebel Olympics in a ‘Spirited and Successful’ Night

By Jessie Graber
On Saturday, March 17, class signs and balloons filled the gym in preparation for Rebel Olympics. The annual school-wide event represented the culmination of Spirit Week, during which students dressed up for a different theme each day.
At Rebel Olympics, all four grades competed in a variety of activities, ranging from the over-under pass, to tug-of-war, to earth ball. And at the conclusion of each event, points were awarded to the winning classes.
To maximize class unity, each grade picked a theme, which corresponded with the class’s t-shirt, banner, and chalk art. This year, the classes selected Freshman Funhouse, Sophs in the City, Junior Jungle, and Senior House Music.
Throughout the night, the grades were neck and neck. Nonetheless, after the dances, the seniors emerged victorious. Freshman Alexandra Puntus most enjoyed the heated atmosphere. She said, “My favorite part of Rebel Olympics was the intensity of the crowd and the competition between the grades.”
Each grade’s class planning committee led the preparation efforts. Class planning members developed and selected the class themes, oversaw the creation of the banners and chalk art, planned the classes’ dances, and facilitated the process of recruiting students for events.
Sophomore Class Planning President Kara Kupferberg said, “There was a lot to organize, which was stressful, but in the end it’s worth it when you see everything come together.”
Along with class planning, Student Government helped organize Rebel Olympics and the accompanying Spirit Week. Student Government implemented two new changes this year. First, they provided free bagels for students who participated in Lazy Day. The idea was inspired by South Middle’s Bagel Day.
Next, Student Government utilized the mascot. During Spirit Week, the mascot paraded through the hallways, greeting students and teachers. Similarly, during Rebel Olympics, the school mascot danced in front of the bleachers, encouraging students and parents to cheer and show their school pride.
Student Government President Zak Malamed said, “According to our numbers, the turnout at Rebel Olympics was one of the best in recent history. I want to thank all of the faculty and class planning members for making it such a spirited and successful night.”