Historic Performance from History Bowl Club

By Skyler K.
On March 17, South’s History Bowl club competed at the Regional Qualifiers at Half Hollow Hills West High School. Led by adviser Mr. Adam Turek-Herman, the club’s 14 members were split into two varsity teams and one junior varsity team. According to club members, all three of the teams performed tremendously well and turned heads at the competition.
Of the 25 participating teams from Nassau County, two of the top teams were from South, both qualifying to compete at the National History Bowl Competition to be held April 28-29.
From identifying the man who accidentally shot Harry Whittington (Vice-President Dick Cheney) to knowing where the 1972 Summer Olympics were held (Munich, West Germany), the teams demonstrated extensive historical knowledge and an ability to answer unexpected questions.
Mr. Turek-Herman commended all members of the club, stating that they “all put in a lot of hard work. [The students] showed a knowledge of every aspect of history.” He went on to congratulate all students for their wonderful performances, saying, “I’m so proud of everybody who competed. They all did their best, and had a great time competing.”
In addition to competing as teams, students also competed as individuals in the National History Bee competition. Seniors Brian C. and Ryan Z. and juniors Cyrus Zhou and Alex Chakrin were all victorious in the competition.
Overall, club members were satisfied with the club’s level of success. “It was fantastic to see all of our hard work pay off in this competition,” remarked sophomore Neil Thivalapill.