Girls Lacrosse Team’s Enthusiasm and Energy Propel Team Past Competitive Schedule

By Alanna Fichtel
As the girl’s varsity lacrosse season begins, the team is faced with some new challenges. However, the closeness and strength of the players may be able to bring them past this.
This year, the Rebels are faced with a new alignment of teams in Nassau County Girls Lacrosse. Because of this, the Rebels will be playing “a more competitive schedule,” according to Coach Jane Maher. In order to adjust to this change, Coach Maher and Coach Crotty want to see the girls play competitively in every game by continuing to improve their lacrosse skills and understand the game.
In addition to league realignment, the team has lost some of its top scorers from last year. Despite this, Coach Maher says that this year’s team is “faster, closer, and experienced.” During a game, the girls run with their sticks held high ready for a pass and sprint to scoop up the ball if they miss it. They weave through the players on the opposite team, strategically looking for an opening to pass. The offense is “very unselfish” and the defense is strong when the team works together.
The team believes that such unity will contribute significantly to their success this year. The team works hard together every day at practice and continues the close relationship off the field as well. Each girl is paired with another teammate who they call their “sister.” Recently, the girls put signs on their sisters’ lockers before a game and exchanged Easter baskets that they made themselves. “I think what’s strong about our team is how supportive we are of each other,” said sophomore Julia Marks.
The enthusiasm and energy of the seniors on the team also greatly contribute to the spirit of the team. Coach Maher believes that the seniors are great leaders and “have set the tone for the year.” Senior Mai Shachi believes that the team will put in a lot of effort this season in order to improve. She hopes that the team will have “a successful season by playing competitively.”
At practice after the girls lose a game, they try out new offensive plays and practice double-teaming on defense. “Practice can sometimes be a struggle,” said sophomore Isabella Berlinsky, “but it pays off when we know we tried our best during a game.”
Although the girls started off the season with a few losses, their spirit, energy, and dedication remain. The girls will continue to work hard as they are hoping for a strong point in the second half of the season. Even with some difficulties they are facing this season, for the most part, the girls “Just Wanna Play,” said Coach Maher.