Sherry Yang Crosses Over to Varsity Lacrosse

By Allisen Lichtenstein

Freshman Sherry Yang speeds down the field with the goal right in front her. She has one thought in her mind and that’s making the goal. Yang cradles, shoots and hears only the whoosh of the ball as it goes into the net.  Feelings of pride and satisfaction overwhelm her as she hears the cheer from her teammates. The sweat drips off her face, but all she can think is “My first goal.”

Yang is only a freshman but managed to make it to the varsity lacrosse team this year. When Yang first learned she had made the team, she was ecstatic. She said, “Varsity was a dream for me. And now, it’s a dream come true.” Though the achievement did not come easily for Yang with the constant hours of practicing, she learned that “hard work, focus and dedication really pay off.”
Her perseverance has not stopped even though she reached her goal of making varsity.  Coach Jane Maher said, “Sherry is very consistent and committed to the team. She has great attitude. ”
Coach Maher knew she wanted Yang on her team once she saw Yang’s speed. Coach Maher said, “She’s a little superstar.”
Yang also works well with her teammates. The team has been very welcoming to Yang. In fact, Yang’s favorite part of varsity is the “togetherness of the team.” She says that they work as a unit on and off the field.  Although Yang is one of the youngest (along with the other freshman, Sandy Lopez), she feels that the team is like family.
Though Yang is just a freshman, Coach Maher anticipates great things from her. “When she’s a senior, it’ll be her team.” Sherry plans on “growing not only as a lacrosse player, but as a team player.” She says that as the years progress, she will learn from her teammates and then pass that knowledge on to the newcomers who will make the team.