Losing Weight the Lazy Way

By Daniel Rosenfeld

Losing weight can be an unpleasant task; I mean, who in the world would want not only to spend endless hours in the gym but also to deny themselves delicious foods? However, what if there were a way to lose weight easily without even working?
People gain weight due to one common tendency: overeating, which occurs when people consume more calories than they need. Because it takes around 20 minutes to realize that we’ve eaten enough, we should simply avoid shoving food down our throats and rather try to eat slowly. Other causes of overeating are distractions: watching television, doing homework and texting.  These tasks take people’s minds off of eating, therefore prolonging feelings of satiation. But just like any other activity, eating requires focus.
The process of eating is simple: when the stomach fills up, the brain sends signals that say “stop eating!” For example, calorie-free water is great at filling up the space in your stomach. Studies have shown that drinking one to two cups of water 30 minutes before meals causes people to eat less and to lose weight. In addition, because dehydration is frequently mistaken for hunger, drinking water ensures that people are eating for the right reasons.
Believe it or not, the temperature of water affects weight. Drinking cold water burns more calories because more energy is needed to heat the body back to its normal temperature. To drink eight cups of cold water a day means burning an additional 2,000 calories – the amount burned during an average four-hour run – per month.
Finally, the best weight-loss solution of all: eat! Calorie deprivation is not an effective way of losing weight – in fact, it throws the body into starvation mode, causing it to burn muscle and store more fat. While a slight deficit of calories is needed to lose weight, the nutrients needed to survive are – as their name says – necessary.
Losing weight does not have to be time-consuming, difficult, or too large of an obstacle. By following these simple weight-loss strategies, you will melt the fat away and shed the pounds without even working.