Ceramicists Mold New Club

Sophomore Daniel Rosenfeld works on his ceramics project. Photo taken by Raquel Serruya.

By Sydney Falchook
This year, students at South are organizing a new ceramics club. According to junior Julie E., the purpose of the club is to get students working with clay. She said, “A lot of students don’t have the time to take ceramics and really learn to enjoy it. Also, working with your hands is very effective in dealing with stress.”
Participating students will have the opportunity to learn how to create ceramic pieces and develop new skills from one another. For now, the projects will be individual, allowing members to follow their own ideas for pieces, though there may be some group projects planned in the future. As the club’s adviser, Ms. Lisa Stancati said, “It seems as if everyone is interested in exploring something different. The students will come to a consensus about how they want to use the club, what they want to do in the club, and what direction they want to take the club in. It is still finding its way, and we are still working out the club’s details.”