South’s Varsity Golf Team is Above Par

By Jessie Graber
On Thurs. April 21, the boys’ golf team defeated their rival Syosset by just three strokes, bringing them one step closer to winning the Conference Championships. Although golf is an individual sport, the boys are constantly working together as a team to achieve their ultimate goals: to win the Conference Championships and be named the number one team in Nassau County.
As the coach of the team, Mr. James Millevoi is in charge of deciding which boys will make the strongest pair in order to win the match. Coach Millevoi determines these pairs based upon each member’s personality. “We are much more talented than most of the teams we compete against,” said Coach Millevoi. “If the boys focus on their own games and play up to their abilities, we will always do very well.”
Last year, the team was ranked third in Nassau County but was “beat out” of the Conference Championships by Syosset. The boys will have the chance this year to compete against Syosset in the Conference Championships if they continue playing as well as they have been. The boys currently stand with four wins and one loss.
Senior Ross Hoffman believes this year’s team has been so successful because of the extra hours the boys have spent practicing their short game. “Our top six starters all have a passion for the game of golf,” Hoffman said.
“Thankfully, we only lost one of our starters last year.”  The boys were able to become comfortable with each other very quickly during the start of this year’s season because they were already familiar with each other’s playing techniques from last year. “We have new players on the team who are very good and make up for the loss of last year’s starter,” Hoffman added. As a senior on the team, Hoffman, as well as senior Johnson K., has stepped up into a
leadership position. Having been members of the team for several years, both Hoffman and Johnson K. help the underclassmen with their game, specifically how to play smart golf and minimize their errors. “Hoffman and Johnson K. are definitely the best and most experienced members of this year’s team,” said Coach Millevoi.
The boys plan on continuing to work hard and play well throughout the rest of the season. ”We have a lot of expectations and goals to meet this year, and I’m confident, as is the rest of the team, that we will have a high chance of winning counties this year,” Hoffman said.