Battle of the Bands

By Maxwell Nettler

On May 31 at 7:30 p.m., the third annual Battle of the Bands will be held in South’s auditorium. Mr. Anthony Virgilio began organizing the event in 2011 as an extension of the Contemporary Music Club . After students signed up for the club, Mr. Virgilio allowed those who wanted to participate in the event to talk to each other and to form groups on their own. He is proud that this event brings musicians together; he said, “Battle of the Bands helps link students who enjoy playing music, but who may not have people to play with.”
Battle of the Bands features all genres of music, ranging from rock to pop and even to heavy metal. When the students are learning their songs, Mr. Virgilio doesn’t teach the songs to them but rather helps them with rehearsals and arrangements, giving them “the experience of being in a real cover band and learning the music on their own.”
Mr. Virgilio is very excited and encourages a big turn out. He said, “The bigger the audience means the more energy in the room, which makes the event even more fun!”