Taking Time in Thailand: Sophomore Andrew Schneider Reveals Plans for Community Service This Summer

By Sydney Falchook
Throughout the summer, most students spend their time by the pool, playing sports and relaxing as much as possible. Sophomore Andrew Schneider’s plans for summer are a bit more “distant” from those of a typical teenager.
“This summer I will be participating in a group community service trip to Thailand with other kids my age from around the U.S.,” said Schneider. Last summer, Schneider went on a community service trip with the same company, West Coast Connection/ 360 World Tours, and had a phenomenal time. The experience last year in Costa Rica further provoked his interest in continuing with community service, only this time in Asia.
Never having traveled to Asia before, Schneider believes this will be the perfect opportunity to immerse himself in Asian culture. “Living in Great Neck, community service can definitely be a humbling experience, as it is important to get a perspective of the living conditions and culture of those around the world,” Schneider said.
While in Thailand, Schneider will be participating in two types of community service. He will be working at an orphanage for boys between the ages of 5-12, and he will be recording data on an endangered species of elephant. “My goal for this summer is to improve the lives of those living in this region as much as I can,” Schneider said.
Not many students get to embark on a summer program that takes place  on the other side of the world. Schneider hopes to meet new people to learn their customs and to create memories together. He said, “It can truly be a life changing experience, and I highly recommend everybody to participate in a trip like this.”