No Need to Fret for Finals

By Amanda Madenberg

op ed, finals, final

The end of the year can be a very exciting time: seniors are graduating and everybody is, of course, looking forward to summer vacation. But the end of the year can  also be extremely stressful as students  are worrying about  APs, Regents, and finals. There are many different methods by which an individual can study without accumulating an enormous amount of stress.
Are you suffering from spring fever but can’t find the time to get outside? Here’s an idea: combine studying with sunshine. Towards the end of the year, it may feel as if the workload never ends. Students are tired of their bedrooms and desks but know they must study for finals.  Maybe it’s time to consider a change in location! Studying would be more enjoyable if students could experience fresh air and sun.
Another possible stressor is the number of exams that students have to study for. For many students, it feels as if   they are “drowning” in homework and review. While it may be easy to put off studying now, cramming is a killer the night before a big test. Instead of studying an entire curriculum in one night, students should begin studying earlier and review over the course of a couple of weeks. Not only will studying in small portions give students a sense of empowerment, but it also can lead to higher test scores. The information will be better absorbed over a longer period of time. Plus, once studying is out of the way, there’s more time to enjoy the nice weather!