Battle of the Bands: The Crushed Grapes 2.0 Interview

Members: Beni Hahitti, Morgan Fishkin, Cooper Spector-Salwen, Matt Zeiger, Todd Reiss, Moshe S.
Interviewed by Kevin Jiang
Does your group have a group name?
T.R.: We are called The Crushed Grapes 2.0. The name is more of a joke than anything, but we like it.
Who are your musical inspirations?
T.R.: We’re inspired by several artists and are performing songs by Two Door Cinema Club, Kanye West, and the Black Keys.
What type of music do you perform?
T.R.: We’re playing a variety of different genres ranging from hip-hop and rap to rock and everything in between.
What is your favorite part about performing?
T.R.: Seeing the practices come together and creating great music with fellow talented students.
How have you prepared for the show?
T.R.: We’ve had practices throughout the school year, and we even meet outside of school when necessary.
Has your group performed in public before?
T.R.: I can’t speak for every member, but I know the majority of us have played at several school events, such as Music Night, Battle of the Bands, and Coffee House.