Battle of the Bands: Moshe’s Mushrooms Interview

Interviewed by Brooke Ferber
Members: Scott Altern, Justin Kelly, Moshe S.
Who are your musical inspirations?
Moshe: Vic Jone
Scott: Gavin Harrison
Justin: Tosin Abasi
What genre do you perform?
Moshe: Metal
Justin: And rock, mainly rock.
What type of music do you listen to?
Justin: I listen to everything except for country. I listen to reggae rock, indie, metal, and some rap.
Scott: Metal is my thing.
Moshe: Yeah, metal!
What is your favorite part of performing?
Justin: Interacting with the crowd and showing our passion
How have you prepared for the show?
Justin: We rehearse once in a while. Starting soon we will practice once a week.
Scott: We wait for our guitarist.
Has your group performed in public before?
Scott: Yeah, in Music Night, Battle of the Bands and Coffee House.
Justin: It’s a lot of fun!
What do you think people will like most about Battle of the Bands?
Justin: If you like having a good time, if you like seeing your friends perform, come. It’s a great night. It’s just very exciting. It’s not just one genre performing: there’s a rap group, an R &B group, a couple of rock groups
Scott: You go to the school jazz band and orchestra, and you see the same stuff you see in school. But you come to Battle of the Bands, how often do you get to see students performing?