Potter Society Casts Spell On Students

The Potter Society takes a sorting hat quiz. Photo taken by Isabella Berlinsky

By Radhika Viswanathan
“Avada Kedavra!” “Wingardium Leviosa!” These are some sounds one might hear upon strolling by room 433 on a Wednesday. Recently, junior Sara G. and Study Center Teacher Ms. Kimberley Blache have taken their love for Harry Potter to a new level; they have started The Potter Society.
The club is a way to “keep the flame alive.” “The last movie is out and the series is essentially over” said Sarah.
“We want to appreciate what we had with it…because it’s a very generational series, and it was like our childhood ended,” Ms. Blache said. The club is a new way for kids with similar interests to meet. “They won’t be called out for being a Harry Potter nerds,” Ms. Blache added.
Extensive plans for the club are under development. Some of these ideas include trivia contests, Quidditch matches, Horcrux hunts, costume parties, potlucks (Ms. Blache has a book of Harry Potter recipes), and of course, movie-watching. The club also plans on sorting students into houses and holding debates on topics such as which one of Harry’s friends was the best (Neville, of course!).
Ms. Blache hopes that The Potter Society will be more than just a fan club and turn into “a book club with a strong Harry Potter base.” According to Sarah, one of the club’s goals is to “convert pure movie watchers into book readers and introduce more people to Harry Potter.”
Currently, the club meets every other Wednesday, but club-members hope that by advertising throughout the school and drawing new members, the club can meet on a weekly basis.
Junior Sarah Gottlieb shows a Harry Potter novel. Photo taken by Isabella Berlinsky