South Speaks: Summer Reading

-Rachel B.: “I thought it was nice not to have a formal assignment and read whichever books I wanted.”
-Melody Y.: “It was a lot more relaxed. You could complete it without any effort, so it didn’t really feel like an assignment.”
-Annie Yang:  The assignment was definitely a way to get an easy grade with very little effort, but it was pretty ineffective in my opinion. I think everyone in the English department knows that “cultivating a lifelong habit of reading” is not a high priority among high school students – even the Honors English students because Honors English doesn’t always mean “I really like English/reading/writing,” but it can mean “I just want to look good and get good grades.”
-Stephanie Chang: “Love it! I can actually read what I want without worrying about a long assignment. I can enjoy the book more without analyzing it too much.”
-Irini Belitsis: “I guess it was just better and more interesting to read something you enjoyed instead of having to read a book you had no interest in reading.”
-Chelsea H.: “Because the assignment was optional, I never did it. If it was going to be collected I would have completed it.”
-Gary Huang: “It is a good way to track your goals. Also, it gives teachers a sense of what you read and who you are.”
-Macy T.: “I think the summer assignment granted me the freedom to read books in various genres that gave me a broader prospective.”