South Speaks: Letters to Your Former Self

Photo by Izzy Berlinsky

Dear Freshman Me,

Have fun during freshman year and don’t get too stressed out from schoolwork. Set your priorities straight and try not to leave things to the last minute. Although academics are important, extracurricular activities are too. Try to become involved with sports and/or clubs, as this is a good way to meet new people.
Sophia Shin


Photo by Deborah Glick

Dear Sophomore Me,

The end of sophomore year marks the halfway point between high school and college. The first piece of advice I have to offer is to cherish every moment because time will fly by. The many hours that you will spend outlining or making review sheets will be worth it in the end. You will leave with the understanding of how to do work efficiently and you will learn about how you function as a student. Oh, and another thing: DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! You will feel better about work, you will be less stressed out, and you will have time to tend to other classes. Balancing school and extra curricular activities has always been a challenge. Enjoy the process as much as the final product itself. Know what you want, set goals, and accomplish all that you can. Stay optimistic— you can achieve so much more with a positive outlook. As always, YOU CAN DO IT!

Diana Charlop



Dear Junior Me,

Photo by Emily Yehezkel

You think you’re hot stuff, don’t you? Made it all the way to junior year without a scratch. Big man on campus, right? Wrong! You need to wake up, man! Use that planner, and make a plan. Start budgeting your time and working diligently. You have no idea how satisfying it is when you finish your research paper over the course of three weeks, instead of three hours. But you will, because that’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to study hard and not save anything until last minute. You’re going to plan everything out and go to extra help. You’ve got this.
Alex Cowen
PS. Do not attempt to watch all of “Breaking Bad” in one week. You will fail your pre-calc test.


Photo by Matt Kipnis

Dear Senior Me,

Make sure that you get in your last good-byes. Last good-byes, not just to your best friends, but to those familiar faces that you pass in the hallway. A last good-bye to the kid that was in Ms. Stern’s second grade class with you or that teacher that taught your first ever class in high school. In college, it will be a whole new experience and you will not have the comfort of being able to recognize the guy sitting by your side or possibly anyone in your lecture class of 400 students. Make sure to appreciate everyone you have met throughout high school because she/he is a friend, no matter how much contact you have had. You both went through the journey of high school together, which makes you share more in common than you believe.

Matt Kipnis