Forever Flipping for Gymnastics

By: Tanya Khorti
Everyone has a defining moment in his or her life; a moment where a new road begins. At the age of two, sophomore Annie Transport stepped into Bounce of Great Neck and thus began her journey as a devoted gymnast.
“I’ve been doing gymnastics for all of my life. I grew up with it. It’s a part of me,” Annie said. She has taken her passion to South as a member of the gymnastics team, which is “such a big deal in [her life].” Annie also uses her gymnastics skills on South’s cheerleading team. She cheers with the team during games and performs flips during half time.
Not thinking too much about their decision at the time, her parents decided to place Annie in a gymnastics class just for the learning experience and the fun of it. For the next 13 years, Annie’s life has revolved around gymnastics. It has captivated a large part of her heart, and she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.
Seven years ago, Annie pulled cartilage in both of her knees while doing a front tuck. Because of this, her parents want her to stop gymnastics once high school is over, but according to Annie, “we’ll see about that one.”
Then came the summer of 2012. Both bitter and sweet, Annie said goodbye to Bounce, but said hello to Young Gymnasts, where she currently trains. However, she has since returned to Bounce as a coach of children ages 2-12, which Annie calls a “dream job.”
At Bounce, Annie hopes to instill her love for gymnastics in others. “When that day comes when I have kids, they are definitely doing gymnastics just like their mother – boy or girl!” But until then, Annie’s near future as a gymnast consists of continuing her job, admiring other gymnasts, and pursuing her passion.