Chan Conducts Change Through the Clavier

By Jacqueline Liao

Reproduced by permission of Audrey Chan
Reproduced by permission of Audrey Chan

Sophomore Audrey Chan steps onto the stage. As hundred of eyes stare at her, she approaches a sleek grand piano. Chan then sits, takes a deep breath, and starts playing.
This may sound like any other piano recital, but it is not. This is at Carnegie Hall.
“After playing piano for 12 years, playing in Carnegie Hall was definitely one of the proudest moments of my career,” Chan said.  “The hard work has paid off.”
Chan started playing piano when she was only three years old. She said, “When I first began, it was difficult for me to learn how to read the music and associate the notes with the piano keys. My mom, who plays piano, kept helping me and pushing me to learn it.”
Chan loves playing piano because it allows her to express herself. “I can play happy, sad, emotional, or exciting songs depending on my mood,” Chan said. Though she prefers playing classical pieces, she also enjoys exploring other genres like pop and jazz. Chan’s favorite pieces include classical songs such as “Fantasy Impromptu” by Chopin and modern songs such as “Friends” and “White Nights” by Joe Hisaishi.
Chan also organized Music for a Cure last May, a benefit concert whose proceeds were donated to the American Cancer Society. The event featured not only Chan but also many of her musically talented friends. There were piano, violin, cello, and vocal performances.
“In the future, I would like to perform in Lincoln Center again,” Chan said, “but most importantly, I want to continue to use my music to help other people.”