The Kimmel Brothers: A Dynamic Duo On And Off the Court

By Jarett Greben
It all started with the mini soccer goal in the basement and the basketball hoop hanging on the door. Brothers David and Jack Kimmel, sophomore and senior, respectively, have always shared a passion for sports. From chipping soccer balls to the top left corner in the Police Athletic League (PAL) as kids  to starting on the varsity soccer and basketball teams as high school athletes, this dynamic duo can not be stopped
“We love playing together. Playing sports with someone you’ve always had right by your side is truly an amazing experience. It is rare that two brothers get to play two varsity sports together,” said Jack.
The Kimmel boys not only play on the same teams, but also know where the other is on the “court” at all times. For example, “We will be walking around the house and Jack will pass me a bag of chips, and although I’m not looking, I will quickly change directions and snag the bag straight out of thin air. Visa-versa, it usually works,” said David.
“It’s not just about playing together; it’s about family,” Jack explained. “We can go to practice and work on our give-and-go’s just as easily as we can toss a football around in the backyard.” The Kimmel brothers  have strengthened their relationship through sports, becoming their own unit on the playing field.
The two share a very competitive edge, which allows them to push each other to the next level, improving their abilities tremendously. Jack clarifies that he is more of the hard-worker, the one who arrives early to practice and leaves late, working on foul shots and penalty kicks. He feels that this is the best way for him to keep up with his “naturally talented brother.” The brothers both agree that the only reason they have been able to constantly strive and prosper in the world of sports is because of the continual support of their father, who notes, “It has been a joy to watch my sons participate on the varsity field alongside each other this year, especially because they have been playing together since they were little.”
Professional sets of brothers such as the Plumlee brothers in basketball and the Brian brothers in tennis have also acted as role models for the Kimmels. “It shows us that by making each other better, we can achieve great things,” said David.
Playing together on this year’s varsity basketball team, Jack believes that David “has taken his game to another level.” He said that David is getting loads of playing time and averaging six points-per-game, an impressive achievement for the youngest player on the team.
David and Jack Kimmel admit that although they have very competitive natures, they never let it interfere with their relationship. “We will always be there for each other, and no matter the circumstance, we will always be cheering each other on,” said Jack.