Band of Brothers: Boys’ Lacrosse Shoots for the Ultimate Goal

By Ethan Volk
At the start of each season, every team has one goal in mind: work hard and strive for victory. For South’s boys’ varsity lacrosse team, this goal starts with the team’s leaders.
Seniors Marc Giovanniello, Vinny Patrey, Sam Weinstein, Jared Gany, and Chris Lee lead the team. “The main goal of the season is to make the playoffs,” said Giovaniello, starting goalie. “The last time that we made the playoffs was in 2011. Making the playoffs would be a great way for the team to finish off the season,” Giovaniello added. However, getting to the playoffs isn’t always as easy as it seems.
Nevertheless, the Rebels’ have started off the season strong, amassing a record of three wins and two losses, with wins over Plainview JFK, St. Mary’s, and Glen Cove. Although the Rebels’ losses were to the very skilled Seaford High School and Wantagh High School teams, the Rebels competed at a high level and were able to keep the game close.
“Even though both games showed up as a loss on our record, they ended up being more of a positive experience than a negative one,” said junior defenseman Andrew Cohen. “We learned that regardless of the level of competition, we can and will compete.”
Because the Rebels were able to compete against a highly skilled team like Seaford’s, they hope to turn a loss like this into a win later in the season by continually improving their skills.
“As a senior leader on the team, it’s my role to help teach and develop the new players on the team,” said Giovanniello. “By season’s end, I hope not only that their skills improve but also that their confidence as lacrosse players and as people increases.”
Although the season is still in its infancy, the Rebel’s have begun to show growth.
On April 3, the Rebels took on North and demolished them by a score of 16-7. “Keeping the Crowley Cup on the South side will definitely be one of the highlights of our season,” said Cohen. “However, the season is far from over and there is still much to be accomplished.”
Despite the Rebels victory over North, the rest of the season may not be such a cakewalk.
During the season the Rebels face two of the top five teams in Nassau County: Wantagh and South Side. “We play in a very strong and competitive league,” said Coach James Morrow. “However, if we work hard and stay focused, we have a good chance of doing very well.” In addition, Coach Morrow stated that the Rebels have to look out for rivalry games between Jericho and New Hyde Park. Still, the Rebels are full of optimism.
“I believe we are going to have a great season,” said Giovanniello. “We are young in numbers, but we all want the same goal. And that’s all that matters.”