TGIBF: Thank God It’s Black Friday

By Bella Harnick
The feast may have ended, but the festivities had not. Dressed in all black and masked by black face paint, freshman Celine Macura blended in seamlessly with the night sky. It wasn’t just Friday – it was Black Friday.
“We looked so silly that people began to recognize us as we went from store to store, and even approached us,” Macura recalls. However, they didn’t care; Black Friday was the perfect excuse to shop in the middle of the night in a silly costume.
And so Black Friday enables customers to get a head start on holiday shopping and also creates a different shopping experience. Most fondly remember the insane memories, as does sophomore Jack Doremus.
“My sister and I were at the mall, and she lost her credit card somewhere along the way. We had to retrace our steps though Urban Outfitters, Lids, The Apple Store, and finally, after searching for an hour through the crowds, we found it behind a Santa Claus outfit in Build a Bear,” Doremus said.
Along this search, Doremus and his sister encountered some difficult people. Black Friday marks the first day of holiday shopping–this tends to bring out some aggressive and suspicious crowds.
“There was a guy at Build-a-Bear who thought we were trying to cut him in line and he yelled at us,” Doremus said. “Then there was a woman who accused us of stealing her kid’s stuffed bunny.”
Black Friday presents a shopping experience that’s truly like no other. It may become a little too crazy at times (perhaps even dangerous when bargaining, which should be avoided) but it is a night that comes only once a year. TGIBF!