Captains Reveal the Best Part of Being on the Team

By Celine Macura
Senior captains Mia Oginski, Robin Shum, and Alex Bruni reflect upon their favorite moments being part of the team. The thrill of the game, the excitement of achievement, and the friendships formed show how these captains look back on their final season.

Cartoons by Angelina Wang

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Mia Oginski: the sisterhood of soccer
On the field, they’re a team, but in the locker rooms, they’re sisters. “Being a part of the team gives everyone a sense of community, family, and unification,” said senior soccer captain Mia Oginski. “It’s important that everyone shares a special, unbreakable bond, which is why we have ‘soccer sisters.’” Soccer sisters is a system put in place for players to get to know each other off the field. They bring each other gifts on game day and encourage one another to play her best. The special familial bond is Oginski’s favorite part of being on the team. She said, “Anyone new to the team will feel and be a part of it—everyone will feel welcome, and there is no better support system than your teammates and coach.”
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Robin Shum: the emotions of field hockey
Over time, the sport becomes more than just a game, and the stakes rise to more than just a win, but senior field hockey captain Robin Shum knows the team has prepared her for more than just a great play. “I’ve experienced everything from the frustrations of losing, to the pain of being injured, to the pride at making a good play or shooting a goal and winning a game,” said Shum. Field hockey, she said, has taught her to balance both academics and extracurricular activities and manage a busy schedule. Shum hopes her team knows how capable they are and that they can overcome all obstacles, on and off the field. The aspects she has learned from leading the team make her confident she will succeed in the future.
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Alex Bruni: the mindset of football
The Rebels are on a highly alert defense as the opposing team comes charging through. They successfully stop a pass with a side tackle, bringing the quarterback to the ground as the football fumbles out of his hands and lands haphazardly at the cleats of a Rebels linebacker. The final play is stopped, and both teams begin to shuffle off the field. The players call out “good game” to each other, but senior captain Alex Bruni hasn’t been paying much attention to the scoreboard. “Win or lose, I never have a bad time when I’m with my team,” said Bruni. “I’ll definitely remember all of it throughout my life, and I’ll miss football and my teammates a lot.” It’s not the score that counts, emphasized Bruni, but the experience.