Fashion Show 2015-2016

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Photos taken by Emma Lu
Captions written by Michelle Yang

Jan. 9 was not your typical school Saturday. By 8:00 PM, the school auditorium was teeming with people, and by 8:30, South’s stage dimmed as this year’s Fashion Show began. Coordinated by seniors Kimberly Mishra, Rebecca Rojas, Sydney Someck, and Elizabeth Voigt, Fashion Show has always been created around an overarching theme, and this year, the theme was the Circus. As such, many of the skits and dances alluded to the Circus theme, inspiring the Magic, the Clown, the Acrobat, and the Animal Tamer skits. In addition to the dances were the walks, featuring sophomores, juniors, and seniors strutting down the catwalk under the luminous lights.