South Varsity Soccer Boys win big on rival turf


Video edited by Winston Gao
By Lauren Reiss

The rumble of thunder is faint compared to the roar of the crowd. The whistle blows, and the rain-soaked players exit the field. While the game ends 25 minutes early, the South spectators feel no disappointment.
The Rebels took home a 3-0 win against their North rivals, a feat achieved in just 55 minutes of play. Senior Franco Alfano scored the first goal off of a long-range assist by the center back, senior Jeff Yu. The crowd on the South side kept the momentum going with powerful cheers, chants, and the occasional friendly dig at North. Senior Captain Jorey Garcia thanked the spectators for their support: “You guys really helped us get this win, and I hope everyone had a great time and keeps coming out to support us because we are going all the way!”
The game progressed, the team played hard, and the energy never diminished. The firm defense displayed consistent hustle. Senior center midfielder Dan Churbakov controlled the field, ensuring formation stayed in check. When senior Kyle Berlinsky suffered a foul, he stood up, clapped his hands, and encouraged the crowd to get louder. Senior Jonny Farkas did not let in one shot at goal; he currently ranks tied for second in shutouts in Nassau County.
Captain Garcia is a standout player. He ranks second in the county in goals scored, and Newsday just added him to their “Top 50 Long Island Soccer Players to Watch” list, validating that he is an all-around asset to the team. Garcia not only scored on a penalty kick but also assisted junior Diego Guzman, who shot a bullet past North’s goaltender into the far left corner of the goal.
Both the team and the spectators left North’s home field satisfied and proud, albeit 25 minutes early. When the players secured this win, they secured a 3-1 record in conference A1. Following the victory, Berlinsky said, “We have to face the hardest competition on Long Island, and the team has only given up four goals in four games. This was just another win. We know the best is yet to come.”