Not A Doughnut But A Foughnut!

Foughtnut worry, be happy—Foughnuts are equally if not more delicious than regular doughtnuts.Photo by Rachel Schneider Foughtnut worry, be happy—Foughnuts are equally if not more delicious than regular doughtnuts.

Photo by Rachel Schneider

Foughnuts? What is a foughnut? These are just two of the many questions that ran through everyone’s mind upon hearing about the new dessert spot that was opening in Great Neck.
A foughnut is a dessert that most have probably never heard of,let alone tasted. Simply put, a foughnut is a doughnut; however, what makes this treat unique is that it is not fried like a traditional doughnut but baked. Getting a revolutionary makeover, this classic American treat becomes a trans-fat free doughnut, allowing you to feel slightly better when indulging.
This exclusive dessert spot is located on Bond Street right in the heart of Great Neck. It features a colorful, large, yet cozy space with couches and different areas to relax and enjoy a delicious confection. They even have free wifi. However, the most exciting part of the space , the focal point, is the foughnut counter in the right corner of the shop where the treats are beautifully displayed with clear labels for each flavor. The wide array of mouth-watering flavors makes these foughnuts even more appealing. They feature flavors such as red velvet, oreo, chocolate chip, chocolate peanut butter, vanilla, lemon poppy, and,for the more adventurous foughnut taster, there is strawberry basil.
Most importantly, the taste lives up to the amazing flavor options and presentation. They are moist, flavorful, and have just the right amount of sweetness. I definitely don’t miss the greasy feeling that accompanies fried doughnuts.
The offer options to meet many dietary needs such as kosher, gluten free and peanut free foughnuts. Furthermore, a variety of coffee and small cookie options are available to accompany your foughtnut. If you have a larger crowd to feed, they do take catering orders. You can even order a cake-sized foughnut for a special occasion. The regular foughtnuts, consistent with the size of a traditional doughnut, are just the perfect size ; however, the price reflects that they are gourmet and made fresh daily. A single foughnut costs $3.25 and a dozen is $23.35; although , as a student you are able to get a 25% discount on your purchase just by letting the server know.
The superb service definitely makes the experience at Foughnuts even more enjoyable. My interactions with the staff at the shop were very pleasant and they appeared happy to answer any and all questions the customers had.
Several of our fellow classmates work at Foughnuts, including senior Kerr Yoo, who takes part in baking the foughnuts and senior Alexis Pramberger who works the coutner. “The best part of working at Foughnuts is being part of an evolving small business. You get to witness the incredible determination of the owner, Rebecca, and the chefs, Lisa and Dylan. They pour their hearts out in search of success. Despite whether or not the future rules favorably on Foughnuts, the determination of its employees is quite respectable,” said Kerr Yoo.
Despite the fact that they are open 7 days a week, one critique of the new business is their limited hours. The shop is only open until 9 every night including weekends. So, unfortunately, if you are looking for a late dessert option, this will not be the place. On the other hand, Foughnuts is available for delivery through UberEATS, which has recently come to Great Neck.
If you are not craving one already, I would definitely recommend visiting our classmates and supporting this local business by tasting one of these delicious treats.