Samsung @837: Multi-purpose NYC Event Space

Concerts, cooking, and classes—Noah Cyrus is just one of the many performers to take part in the Samsung concert series.Photo taken by Rachel Schneider
Concerts, cooking, and classes—Noah Cyrus is just one of the many performers to take part in the Samsung concert series.

Photo taken by Rachel Schneider

By Rachel Schneider

Watch out Apple: here comes Samsung breaking new ground with something original and innovative: a multi-purpose New York City flagship store. Titled Samsung 837, the store is located in the Meatpacking District and does almost everything–except sell Samsung phones and technology.
This state-of-the-art, building boasts multiple-levels of attractions open to the general public, including a 55-inch display theater screen, recording studios, technology art installations, event spaces, interactive social media displays, and a virtual reality tunnel. With all the new gadgets and gizmos placed throughout the building, Samsung’s “technology playground and cultural destination” lives up to its title with a long list of events planned throughout the year.
I had the opportunity to visit the space for a free Noah Cyrus concert this summer, and I was awed by the advanced, modern space the moment I walked into the venue. The building features high ceilings, floor to roof windows, comfortable lounge areas, and stadium seating.
Other events include cooking demonstrations in the Samsung kitchen, a career series, viewing parties, movie screenings, and lectures. Visitors even have the chance to play with Samsung’s new devices before they arrive on the market. The best part is that all the events are free. What is not to love?
Samsung 837 is similar to a traditional phone store with customer care for its Samsung technology holders. However, with so many phone stores in the market today, the company strives to make this city spot more of a community center than a retail location. Their goal is to improve the surrounding Meatpacking District’s community by involving local businesses to design the employee uniforms, to supply the cafe, and to create works of art to be exhibited.
This space probably sounds like some futuristic dream, but it is indeed reality, and you can utilize everything this “experimental playground” has to offer. Visitors can be sure that this space won’t stay static. Part of what makes this building special is how it constantly exposes visitors to the newest and greatest that technology has to offer. This space combines marketing and community in a way no business has done before, while allowing customers to reap the benefits.