Meet These New Clubs at South

by Noah Shieldlower

Forensics Fascination— Seniors Michael Sun and Kimberly Lu teach club members about the field of forensics.

Photo taken by Annie Zhang

Club: Forensics: CSI Club
Founders: Michael Sun and Kimberly Lu
Advisor: Mrs. Brighton
Meeting Day: Every other Friday Afternoon
“The purpose of the Forensics: CSI Club is to expose students to the fascinating field of forensic science and to help them develop potential interests in crime scene investigation (CSI), a discipline that includes a wide range of specialized occupations. Members of the Forensic Science: CSI Club will develop their interests in forensics through Buzzfeed Unsolved discussions, crime scene analysis, and outside events ranging from Murder Mystery Dinners to NYPD Crime lab tours. Weekly discussions and lectures will focus on a variety of forensics topics, ranging from fingerprint analysis to the many professions available to forensic science majors such as biology or archaeology. We will also prepare science labs that involve the use of forensics laboratory and identification techniques. Finally, to allow members to put their learned skills to use, we will explore case studies and set up mock investigation activities, which will feature a “crime” (complete with victims, crime scenes, and clues) for members to solve. After learning that there were two forensics classes being taught in our school, we were surprised that there were no afterschool activities that focus directly on this topic. Unlike the competition-driven HOSA and other science clubs, our club will focus more on exposing students to the career of forensics, providing them with the unique opportunity to learn about and practice actual crime scene investigation, forensic lab techniques, and other topics. The science of forensics is unique in that it is the polar opposite of many other sciences. While core sciences such as biology and chemistry study the common day to day activities of the living, the science of forensics concerns a much more unorthodox approach that borders abnormality: death and murder are not events observed on a daily basis. Thus, the Forensics: CSI Club is a distinct component of the club diversity in our school, exposing students to the field of forensic science and helping them to develop potential interests in CSI, a field growing in demand within Long Island and NY Colleges.”

Mindful Mondays— Junior Elina Malamed, founder of the Mindfulness Club, leads an eleventh grade health class through a guided meditation.

Photo reproduced by permission of Ms. McClellan.

Club: Mindfulness Club
Founder:Elina Malamed
Advisor: Ms. Hastings and Ms. Zash
Meeting Day: Monday afternoons
“The primary goal of the mindfulness club is to educate more of the school community about mindfulness and its benefits. By sharing our experiences and different mindfulness methods, we aim to enhance skill and comfort level. Each week, we will introduce a new mindfulness lesson. Each person will have the opportunity to share his or her methods and lead a meditation. The next week, we may have a certain focus and skill such as stress, body aches, or procrastination… even diets can be improved with mindfulness practice.. Whether someone doesn’t believe he or she has stress or feels that he or she is just a calm person overall, mindfulness helps with so much more than that. We all have something we could work on to improve our lives. Every teen struggles from a case of procrastination once and awhile and could benefit from mindfulness. Maybe a student is shy and wants to become more comfortable with public speaking and communication. The school would become a better place because interactions would be more productive and sympathetic. Teachers would also benefit from their students practicing mindfulness because it can help students be more attentive and productive.”

From piano to screen—Freshman Ben Rossen uses Finale, a computer composition software for computers that connects to a piano and transfers notes payed into notation format.Reproduced by permission of Benjamin Rossen
From piano to screen—Freshman Ben Rossen uses Finale, a computer composition software for computers that connects to a piano and transfers notes payed into notation format.

Reproduced by permission of Benjamin Rossen

Club: Music Creators Club
Founder: Benjamin Rossen
Advisor: Mr. Virgilio
Meeting day: Wednesday afternoon
“The Music Creators Club (MCC) is the most convenient medium of expressing one’s passion for composing in South. Anyone can join and can compose for any instrument and any genre. In fact, someone can write music electronically through programs like GarageBand or Logic Pro. As a first-year club, the MCC hopes to give every student a reason to listen to some music. Members will explore different styles of music and be encouraged to take up music as a hobby or a passion By coming to weekly meetings, members can generate ideas and form ensembles for future performances There are many opportunities to collaborate and truly appreciate the creativity of music. For example, the MCC works in conjunction with the Contemporary Music Club, run by Mr. Virgilio, where bands perform original pieces in the Battle of the Bands Individual projects may also spark collaborations with other artists and writers through Exit 33, South’s literary magazine. Furthermore, composers may have the chance to perform in concerts throughout the year, sponsored by our music department. Some venues include the Music Nights and the Pops Concert.”

Sports Debate Club—Senior Charles Goodwin speaks passionately at his club meeting

Photo taken by Noah Shieldlower

Club: Sports Debate Club
Founder: Charlie Goodwin
Advisor: Mr. Dickson
Meeting day: Thursday afternoon
“The premise of the club is to have students debate some of sport’s most pressing issues in a safe environment rather than the usually rude comment section of Facebook. Our main goal is to gain a relatively large following and to be a place where students can just relax and listen to each other’s opinions on topics thatthey are interested in that are usually not mentioned during a school day. Each week, we debate a topic chosen by the members through a Facebook poll. The Sports Debate Club improves the quality of South by providing a safe space that was not previously available to students. While most clubs are academically centered, our club is simply designed for students to have casual conversations as if they are sitting with their friends at lunch. No stress is involved. It’s no secret that students love to hear Mr. Dickson debate as well!”

A meeting for HOPE—Senior Weiting Hong gives a presentation on his club

Photo taken by Noah Shieldlower

Club: HOPE (Harbingers of Peace and Equality)
Founder: Weiting Hong
Advisor: Sra. Finazzo
Meeting Day: Thursday Afternoon, Rm. 421
“Our goal is to re-introduce Model United Nations to the South community and to spread the message of peace and equality through creative methods like student surveys, discussions, mock MUN conferences, and crisis simulations. The primary goal of the year is to expand our publicity in the student body and to familiarize club members with MUN rules and procedures. We are aiming to compete in the Hofstra MUN conference in March. Each week, we will discuss international politics and events and brainstorm possible solutions to these issues while simultaneously conducting the aforementioned activities. In the twenty-first century, as information technology develops, the trend of globalization becomes increasingly important and relevant to the students. To explore opportunities around the world and to realize personal aspirations, students need to have an international vision and to acquire a global mindset. HOPE strives to make South a better place not only by emphasizing the importance of global vision but also by spreading the message of peace and equality.”

Amazing Aviation—Senior Sting Shi presents in front of his club

Photo taken by Noah Shieldlower

Club: Aviation Club
Founder: Sting Shi
Advisor: Mr. Chugh
Meeting Day: Friday Afternoons
“The purpose of the Aviation Club is to introduce students to the technology, culture, history, and commerce of aviation. We would like to launch activities in various forms, including group discussions, debates, and movies. In addition, I will make powerpoints about different topics, such as how to get a pilot’s license, the instruments in the cockpit, different current events, and varied airplane models. As the founder of the Aviation Club, my goal is to set up a platform for everyone who has a passion for aviation to communicate and learn. Essentially, the Aviation Club is a home for all the aviators in the Great Neck South High School. Generally, people think aviation is all about the airplane. The airplane, however, is the bridge connecting different countries. I truly believe that Aviation Club will open a new field for Great Neck South High School, and students will get opportunities to discover the sky.”