Greek Xpress: Fast and Delicious

Greeking out—This gyro is made with a mixture of lamb and beef and comes with a side of rice pilaf.
By Nicole Yip

With the pressure that kids today are under, it is no surprise that their schedules are completely packed. Between balancing studying for tests, maintaining a social life, and doing endless amounts of homework, students barley even have time to eat—let alone wait an hour for their food. Greek Xpress is a perfect place to grab a quick bite before you return to your usual cram sessions.
This cozy little place on Great Neck Road opened Jan. 10. When first looking at this illuminated establishment, you immediately notice how freakishly clean it is. Every inch of the place is shiny, and the orange and white theme is pleasing to the eyes. The staff is extremely friendly, instantly welcoming you with their wonderful service. The menu is filled with authentic Greek food, from fresh dips to special platters, which will make your head spin with decisions. All of the vegetables are brought in daily and completely fresh and organic. The premium quality meats are cleaned, marinated, and skewered by the chefs daily. Their recipes are passed down from generations of their family and made from scratch.
After ordering, it takes a quick eight minutes for the food to come out. Their lamb gyro is only a bit better than one you would find in a halal cart, yet almost double its price. In fact, most of the items on the menu are a bit pricey. Platters range from $15.95 to $18.50, which usually would be $6 from a street cart; however, the portions are a bit bigger. However, if you are looking for a cheaper meal, their lunch special is on Monday to Friday from 11 a.m.-4 p.m.; most meals are about $10.
If you can get over the price, the meal itself is “Fresh. Greek. Delicious” (their motto). Their gyros are stuffed with juicy tender lamb and the Souvlaki explodes with flavor. The feta fries might seem like an odd combination, but still interestingly works. Out of all the different cheese to put with fries, feta would be low on the list. However, after trying it I found that the flavor of the cheese, potato, and oregano fuses together nicely, and the crispy fries and creamy cheese is the perfect texture in your mouth. The tzatziki (yogurt) sauce is perfectly seasoned; the garlic, yogurt, cucumber, and olive oil can be detected yet still perfectly blended together.
Greek Xpress is the perfect place to go if you’re in a rush or even if you just want a good meal. The kid’s menu and family combos allow you to easily bring your family here. They also have many vegetarian options that are perfect for anyone. The meal may have been on the slightly pricey side, but it was delicious enough for it to be worth it.