Come One, Come All, to the Greatest Coffeehouse of Them All

Monologue Mania—Junior Maggie Roach performs two monologues at Coffee House.
By Alexandra Milman

The GP room filled with people of all ages and many interests, the warm atmosphere drawing many to this event each year: Students, parents, teachers, and the principal all joined in watching a variety of talented students present their theatrical gifts at the Spring Coffee House.
A showcase of student talent at South High, Coffee House this year started with people gathering around the refreshment table, some talking about the wonderful lighting job done by Alex Dembner. Indie music played in the background; flowers and soft lighting set the perfect mood. Drama teacher Mr. Tommy Marr started the evening by silencing the room and speaking about the students who would shortly perform short skits that night as practice for the Thespian Festival the next day.
The seventeen performances included singing, acting, and comedy. The first performer, junior Haylie Lempert, sang “I Know Things Now,” setting the tone for the rest of the evening. Sophomore Alix Sholoman maintained powerful soaring vocals throughout the song “What I did For Love.” Unlike other musical performances, freshman Juliet Rofe used an instrument as an accompaniment rather than a recording. Rofe sang and played “Burning House” on an acoustic guitar, and her performance was followed by ample applause.
Dramatic performances provided a slightly different flavor. Maggie Roach performed two engaging monologues, a scene from the Broadway play, Almost, Maine and one from Shakespeare’s play As You Like It. Sophie Williams performed another Shakespeare monologue from Macbeth. Williams completely transformed into her character, and her performance was followed by explosive applause.
There were three comedy performances, including seniors Lucas Cowen and Adam Sperling performing stand up. The last performance was a comedy skit by the Improv Troupe: they played the game “Beastie Boys.” During the game, Maggie Roach asked her boyfriend to prom. By the time the Improv Troupe was done, Mr. Ko was practically falling out of his seat from laughter. Overall, Coffee House was a must-attend event.