Putting Their Best Feet Forward: Athletes Use Their Talents to Make a Difference

Friends who fundraise—Senior Michelle Thomas and junior Katherine Hui work together to raise money for the Lung Cancer Research Foundation.
By Jolie Lenga

When she isn’t busy competing in Science Olympiad or being the captain of girls cross country and track, junior Katherine Hui is raising money for lung cancer research.
This summer on June 17, Hui and fellow track team member Michelle Thomas will be running in a half-marathon to benefit the Lung Cancer Research Foundation.
“I’m glad I can challenge myself one last time before I finish high school with this half marathon while also doing something good for others at the same time,” said Thomas.
While it is very impressive that they will be running this great distance, the story behind their actions is even more humbling.
A little over a year ago, Hui’s grandfather was diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer (his condition has since improved). The research funded by the marathon will help increase the odds of survival for innumerable people who have been diagnosed with lung cancer and supply hope for countless families and friends of cancer victims.
Their teammates describe the story as inspiring and influential. “I think it is so amazing to see Hui turn an immense obstacle into something she can work towards, and it is also so awe inspiring to see Michelle supporting her friend like this,” said freshman team member Sam Rosen.
To get involved, the Hui and Thomas suggest participating in the run. “I definitely encourage running to others, but it doesn’t have to be running,” said Thomas. “Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself because something seems hard.”
But if running isn’t really your thing, help Hui and Thomas on their journey to the finish line by donating to the Lung Cancer Research Foundation at participate.freetobreathe.org/goto/donate.