T-Swirl: Bringing a New Spin on Crepes

Loving it very matcha—the matcha chocolate truffle crêpe, filled with chocolate truffle squares, strawberries, matcha custard cream, yogurt, chocolate sauce, and crushed pistachio.
By Jenny Ye

In early December, a buzz started around town when the lights of a restaurant that had been preparing to open for over two years finally turned on. Rumors flew of a cashier seen working behind the counter, and eager locals planned on attending the long-awaited grand opening. The next day, disappointed teenagers could be seen crowding around the once-again darkened eatery, before dispersing throughout town again. However, the sign on the window advertised that this restaurant would open the next week, and the wait started up again.

On December 12, 2018, T-Swirl Crepe opened its doors for the first time, three years after they bought the establishment. Nestled between Saaho Village and Chez Kama, T-Swirl is in a prime spot, located right in the middle of town. Customers are immediately drawn in by the window display showcasing the many options the restaurant has to offer. As you walk in, you are immediately greeted by the sight of the hustle and bustle of the staff who work in an open kitchen. You order and pay upfront, seat yourself at one of the many available tables, and wait for your order to be called.

As the restaurant’s name suggests, they primarily serve tea and crepes. However, instead of the French-style crepes that you would normally expect, the crepes at T-Swirl are actually Japanese-inspired. This means that the crepes are made out of rice flour instead of regular flour, which makes their items gluten-free. Additionally, the way the crepes are eaten are different as well; instead of using a fork and knife, the crepes are served in a paper cone so that the crepes can easily be carried around and eaten.

T-Swirl serves two primary types of crepes: savory and sweet. Their savory collection offers a variety of proteins including chicken, beef, and egg whites and are served with various vegetables and toppings. Their sweet options include different fruits, chocolates, yogurts, and ice creams. Some of the sweet options can be substituted with a mini version for around two dollars less. There are also a couple of crème brûlée crepe options. As for the tea, there is a variety of choices that includes fruit and tea blends. All the ingredients are fresh, from their fruits and vegetables to dairy products. The crepes average around eight dollars, while the teas average around four. Your order is prepared relatively quickly, and you can watch the crepes being made in front of you on large circular grills.

T-Swirl lives up to its expectations, even after the long-anticipated opening. I tried the chicken teriyaki crepe, the matcha chocolate truffle crepe, and the peach green tea. The chicken teriyaki crepe contained multiple vegetables like spinach and carrots and was finished with a vinaigrette, which gave the crepe a lot of flavor. The slightly sweet crepe added a subtle contrast to the chicken, and each bite had a little bit of everything in it. I was surprised by how good it was, since crepes are usually construed to be a sweet snack. The matcha truffle crepe was sweet and delicious, filled with sizable truffle cubes, lined with strawberry slices, and covered in matcha sauce. The crepe added a nice crunch to the dessert, and it was easy to eat with the handheld paper cone. Finally, the tea was wonderful as well. It contained fresh peach chunks, a nice complement to the savory crepe.

Overall, T-Swirl was a great experience. With its relatively quick service, easy-to-eat delicious food, and variety of options, it is a good place to hang out with friends or to grab a quick bite. Either way, T-swirl is a restaurant worth checking out in town.