South Welcomes New Science Department Chair

By Elana Amir and Jake Raphael

Since Mr. Bradley Krauz left his position as Science Department Head last summer, the office has been empty as the district searched for his replacement. Now there is someone new at the desk, Mr. Michael DiPasquale. Mr. DiPasquale is a Long Island native. He attended Carey High School in Franklin Square, where he developed a love for science. This passion pushed him to major in Biology at Stony Brook University and to receive a Masters of Teaching in Biology at Queens College.

While studying at Stony Brook, Mr. DiPasquale realized his ideal job was to teach science. “Science is a great subject to teach because it is interactive, and you can show students how the natural world works,” Mr. DiPasquale said.

He also enjoys other benefits teaching has to offer, such as coaching opportunities. Growing up playing sports throughout high school and college, he was excited to coach and work with students outside of the classroom. He has coached football, track, and boys’ volleyball at Great Neck North Middle School.

Mr. DiPasquale started working in the Great Neck School District 18 years ago. He taught Earth Science at North Middle and now teaches ENL Biology 1 and 2 at South High. “Genetics and evolution are two topics that I most enjoy talking about,” Mr. DiPasquale said.

Outside of school, Mr. DiPasquale spends most of his time with his two sons, Jackson and Lucas. He enjoys many outdoor activities such as fishing and baseball, especially in the summer. He also likes to vacation to Disney World and take many trips across the tri-state area.

Though Mr. DiPasquale has only been at South for a short time, he already feels that it is an exceptional school. He says that he is proud to work at one of the top schools in the nation in a great department among many dedicated teachers. “I feel anxious, and I want to do the best job I can, but I know that everybody is in good hands. The teachers really do an amazing job with the kids, and that’s one of the reasons why South is such a high performing school,” Mr. DiPasquale said.