Fall Back, Fashion Forward

By Aditi Pardeshi

Back-to -school sales, pumpkin spice lattes, and Halloween. Fall is officially here! With fall comes  flannels, scarves, woven sweaters, and ankle boots. Instead of wearing the same Forever 21 sweater you’ve been wearing for three years, spice up your wardrobe with the top three “blast-from-the-past” trends this fall.

  1. Multi-patterned ankle boots

From a quick run to Starbucks to walking around all day, ankle boots are comfortable yet durable. Adding in a plaid pattern will spice up any outfit. Go for rubber-soled shoes so they last for a long time.  If you have old shoes, refurbish them by creating your own pattern with fabric markers!

2. Tie-Dye Clothing

Everyone knows 80’s fashion is coming back and what says retro better than tie-dye? Whether it’s a rainbow-colored or pastel-blended shirt, tie-dye clothing can be easily layered with a denim jacket or a cardigan. Pair a light-colored tie-dye with straight, cuffed jeans, a messy bun, and slip-on shoes for an effortless everyday look.

3. Mom Jeans

Who knew jeans could actually be comfortable? Frayed or ripped mom jeans are the new skinny jeans—they’re here to stay. The over-sized look of these jeans make any outfit stand out. Skip your regular black skinny jeans, and try pairing your favorite top with mom jeans. The key to mom jeans is that they can be dressed up or down. For a more dressed up look, pair them with a blazer and loafers. For an easygoing look, tuck in an over-sized t-shirt and roll up the sleeves!

Now that you know the hottest fall wardrobe items, some serious shopping is in order! Have fun, experiment with new looks, and—most importantly—don’t max out your credit card!