Staying positive during quarantine

By Nicole Yip

It feels like the world is burning around us with the coronavirus creating chaos everywhere. All of us are worried about the safety of our families, our education, and our ability to have human interaction. It may be hard to focus on the positives, especially since it doesn’t seem like there are any, but being optimistic can help make your time stuck in quarantine feel as if it is going by faster.  

You may be wondering what there is to be optimistic about during these difficult times. Firstly, be thankful for everyone putting their life on the line: the scientists trying to find a cure, doctors treating the sick, custodial workers keeping public places clean, postal workers delivering supplies, teachers educating students, and neighbors helping neighbors. Seeing the world come together to help combat the virus is truly inspiring and makes you think Earth isn’t such a bad place after all. 

Being stuck in quarantine means you can finally have that family time you never seemed to have time for before. And when you get tired of being around them, be grateful you live in a time where technology allows us to be in constant communication with everyone we are unable to see. 

Quarantine also means time for self-care. You finally have time to do the things you’ve been meaning to do for a while, such as hobbies you haven’t touched in years. Maybe you even learn a new skill. Get the eight hours of sleep that you never could before and use this time productively.   Although this is a difficult time for everyone, we should all remain hopeful that our lives will return to normal and keep in mind that many people are working hard to stop the coronavirus. When quarantine is over, we will be grateful for everyday things like going to school and seeing our friends and family. For now, stay safe, healthy, and optimistic.