In Our Eyes: the website telling your story

By Nicole Yip

On March 12, when junior Shehreen Siddiqui heard the announcement that there would be no school the next day, she didn’t realize that would be the last time she would be sitting in class for a while. Like most students, she was excited to finally have a break from overwhelming amounts of work. She was still excited when she heard school would be closed the following Monday and Tuesday. But as her science competitions were put on hold, and as the school’s opera was postponed, and as remote learning started, she became worried and fearful. As she was talking to her classmate Ze’ev Vladimir, also a junior at South, she realized that everyone was going through the same problems. Together, they came up with an idea that would allow everyone to share their struggles. 

They worked together to create a website called COVID-19: In Our Eyes. On this site, you can share your anxieties, frustrations, and other emotions. Siddiqui said, “This is the place for you to address your fears of the unknown, look around, and realize that many others have the same fears.” Posts include safety concerns, worries about college, cancelled sports seasons, AP and SAT anxiety, struggles with online classes, separation from friends and family, and fear for the world as a whole. 

We are all struggling with the effects of the coronavirus, and this website allows us to connect through these struggles. Vladimir commented, “I hoped this would provide people a place to share their own unique story and take comfort in the fact that they are not alone.” 

The purpose of the website is to reassure its visitors that they are not alone, and to relieve some stress about the uncertain future. While we are in lockdown, said Siddiqui, “We have to understand that it is important that we stay in quarantine as instructed and avoid being in large groups. While we respect the space of others and pray for everyone’s health and well-being, we can use this time to reflect on and hope for our futures as well.” 

“All we can do now is stay safe and healthy and we can get through this together, united,” said Vladimir.

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