The Puffs: Bringing the Wizarding World to the Ruel E. Tucker Auditorium


Photo courtesy of Jessica Tamari

Prepping for Performance—The cast of The Puffs rehearses their wizarding skills in time for opening night.

Alexis Dorf

Gryffindor is siriusly overrated. This February, Theatre South’s winter play, The Puffs, will retell J.K. Rowling’s world-famous tale from the perspective of the long-neglected Hufflepuff house (with slight modifications and much more humor!). The performance follows the story of three friends: Wayne (Cooper Brown), Megan (Maia Mehring), and Oliver (David Kagan). Together, this trio—paralleling the renowned Gryffindor trinity—spotlights the Hufflepuff perspective of Harry Potter’s seven years at Hogwarts. 

Matt Cox, the genius behind The Puffs, mentioned to Playbill that the play is far from a parody. “When we set our eyes on this Potter idea, we moved towards a real story,” he explains, illustrating that although The Puffs toys with the original plot of the Harry Potter series created by Rowling, this show presents its own personalities, problems, plots, and Puffs to the table; Potterheads of all houses can find something within the show to enjoy, even though The Puffs takes audience members through a less-conservative route through the Wizarding World. “We (very, very) meticulously combed through the series to make sure we never broke the rules of the world,” says Cox. 

Cooper Brown, who plays the show’s leading protagonist, illustrates the coming-of-age story that lies underneath all of the magic. “Wayne is super thrilled to start anew at his wizard school,” explains Brown. “His ultimate goal is to make something meaningful in his life. He wants to become the hero of the story, but he struggles to find a way to make this reality.” Wayne is certainly an underdog that audience members alike will a-dumble-dore!

The Puffs also sheds light upon “lesser-known” personalities of the wizarding world. While Wayne, Megan, and Oliver take center stage, other Puffs including Hannah Abbott (Amanda Roth) and Susie Bones (Lauren Hom) accept the spotlight to tell their narratives. “Hannah is a super fun-loving girl; she’s definitely a Puff,” explains Roth. 

“Susie Bones is ditsy, a little bit psycho, and quite delusional! She certainly has some confidence issues, and she loves her best friend Leanne, played by senior Emily Lipelis,” Hom shares.

 All students are encouraged to go support the hard-working students of Theatre South and experience the magic of the Hufflepuff house. The production’s cast and crew have put in hours of dedication to bring the Wizarding World to Great Neck South students and faculty. “The Puffs is a comedy that is sure to make you laugh but also has a great plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And of course, students should see the show to support their peers who have spent so much time putting on an incredible production,” says David Kagan. 

“The cast and crew only have four opportunities to share something we’ve been trying to perfect and create for the past few months! This is our opportunity to present our talents and to show other students we’ve all been working on,” Hom explains. 

The Puffs will be performed from February 9 through 11 at 7:30 pm, and at an additional matinee at 2 pm on Saturday, Feb. 11. Email Ms. Meredith or check out the Theatre South website for more ticket information. This performance is an experience that any Potterhead of curse won’t want to miss!