Submitted by Alana Farkas, Sophomore
Dear Editor,
The students of South High School are suffering from severe back pain. It can be dreadful to carry a minimum of five heavy binders to and from school daily. On top of that, carpel tunnel syndrome is becoming even more common among students. We are crying for relief. Thankfully, there is hope.
Steve Jobs has given the world an opportunity to relieve the physical pain and inefficiencies which come with writing on paper. The release of Apple’s iPad has given the world an easy, fast, and efficient way of taking notes and obtaining information, in a light and thin package.
Giving each student an iPad would be like giving each student a pot of gold (but not as heavy). The iPad would dramatically change the way students learn. Please consider this transformation to iPads, as it would be beneficial to everyone in our already-thriving Great Neck South High School.