New Construction at Great Neck South


Fresh changes around campus — This is the new blue and orange basketball court that replaced the old tennis courts.

By Maxwell Nettler

Driving onto campus on the first day of school, junior Jordan Aronowitz realized something was different. The old chain link fence by Lakeville Road was gone and there was a new iron fence, surrounded by plants, in its place. This was just one of the many construction projects, including the renovation of sports facilities and the creation of a new walkway along Lakeville

Road, completed at South this summer.

Additionally, the new blue and orange basketball courts near the Phipps building have replaced the aging tennis courts. They will be available to students during the day and after school.

Last year, the Board of Education found approximately 17 million dollars in the Unassigned Fund Balance that could be used to “renovate, repair, and improve [the district’s] aging buildings and grounds,” according to the 2012 Capital Projects Proposition. The projects were eligible because they required immediate attention. The Capital Improvement Plan was voted on and approved by the Great Neck community.

Improving drainage was a primary reason for renovation. “The fields have definitely been a challenge because a lot of irrigation needs to take place and the drainage has been insufficient,” said Principal Ms. Susan Elliott.

The new pathway was built because the district wanted to improve the safety of students walking south along Lakeville Road. Previously, there was no sidewalk if you turned left when exiting the school.

Aronowitz said, “The path just is so convenient. Before the path, I never would have walked to get to Lake Road, but now it is so easy.”

Many of the sports fields are also undergoing renovations, including those for field hockey, football, and track. Junior varsity

football coach Paul Guzzone is enthusiastic about the changes. He said he would like to “have the best facilities in order to attract more players and increase our school spirit.”

On the downside, the football teams will not be able to play games at home because the field will not be ready until next year. They will still practice at South, but all games will be held at Roslyn High School. ­­

However, Coach Guzzone has a positive attitude. He said, “It’s for a good reason—next season we’ll have more excitement in the program with the renovated field.”

The new pathway entrance into South along Lakeville Road

Track and field in construction