Why Don’t We Recycle?

Letter to the Editor
By Anthony Chen
Our school is infested with recycling bins; yet, looking into only half of the school’s garbage bins, I have noticed that there were about 50 bottles in total after only a span of three days. That means our school throws out at least 100 bottles a week – about 400 a month… about 4000 bottles in a school year! I have seen bottles and papers in trash cans just inches away from a recycling bin and on the floors.
Most have the conception that all bottles and paper end up in the garbage, even if put into the recycling bins. I have talked to members of the environmental club, and they know that the recyclables truly are separated and sent to different dumps; student government has attested to this, also.
Many also seem to have a negative attitude towards recycling. While recycling the bottles I have gotten comments such as, “Weird”, “Stupid” and even “Why are you recycling so many bottles?”
Our student body needs to realize that small actions – such as throwing a water bottle on the floor – add up and can leave a mark on earth that will last for generations. I am not asking people to take five-minute showers or never use electrical appliances. I am asking people to simply hold on to their empty bottles (that barely weigh anything) and drop it off at the nearest recycling bin, or place papers in the proper bins instead of pretending to be a basketball star and throwing them into trashcans.