Sabrina Reitman Thrives in a “Nonstop Role”

Senior Sabrina Reitman in Fashion Show. Photo taken by Danna A.

By Andrew Schneider
A Fashion Show participant since sophomore year, senior Sabrina Reitman aspired to be a coordinator. This year she accomplished her goal, leading the production of the event as one of four coordinators.
Reitman said the experience was thrilling and exciting. She enjoyed the creativity involved and especially enjoyed working with and getting to know many other talented people.  Reitman said, “This year more than ever, the cast became a real family after working so hard together to complete such a big project.”
Reitman explained that the position required responsibility and dedication. “Being a coordinator is a nonstop role,” she said. The four coordinators began meeting during the summer to start planning the layout and theme. Reitnman’s work continued into the school year. Her tasks included auditioning the cast, choreographing the dances, checking on skits each week, coordinating meetings and rehearsals, and visiting clothing stores, makeup stores, and hair salons in search of sponsors. Moreover, she also participated in four skits: the ”Opening Skit,” “Coordinators Skit,” “Pop Lock and Droplet Skit” and “All Girls Skit.”
The moment that Reitman believes will stay closest to her heart occurred right before the show. In the choral room, junior Matt Zeiger started playing “Lean On Me” on the piano and everyone joined in and sang. Reitman said, everyone was “holding hands and swaying in time.”