Rebel War Returns to South


Olivia Gu

One event. Over twenty years. Students from all the classes flood the gym, energy running high, electrifying the environment. A sea of bodies wearing blue, red, white, and black illuminate the gym. Stray screams run free over the buzzing chatter of excitement, hope, and laughter. Blue and orange balloons and streamers are strewn everywhere, but the main decoration of the room is the aura of the students. Introducing the event of the year: Rebel War. A fun, high-spirited clash of the classes.

After a three-year hiatus due to COVID, Rebel War is finally back in full form. On Friday, March 3, 2023, students will head down to the East Gym to participate by cheering for their grade or competing themselves. 

The events designed by the Physical Education Department include Earth Ball, Tug-of-War, Ball Over/Under, Turtle Relay, Hula Hoop, 3-point Shoot-Out, and Speed Ball.  Each game is designated a certain number of points, which will contribute to each class’s overall score. The winning class will be whichever one gains the most points throughout the week.

Rebel War planner Mrs. Jane Callaghan emphasizes, “We’re so lucky to have the Phys. Ed. Department helping out. When we were unable to have Rebel War due to COVID, they stepped up and incorporated the Rebel War events into the regular Phys. Ed. classes.” As an act of gratitude, the Rebel War organizers have allowed practice to be held in gym classes so that “students will be better prepared for the Rebel War events.”

Leading up to Friday’s main event are a variety of spirit week activities. Students can dress up in the daily themes for an opportunity to be entered into a raffle that will be drawn at Friday’s event. This year, clubs were invited to host a spirit week event of their choice to boost student morale. Activities kick off Monday with the E-Sports Club hosting a Super Mario Kart tournament in the Library after school. The Library itself will be hosting a variety of events throughout the week. And back by popular demand, Theatre South is hosting karaoke on March 2 as a way for classes to earn even more points. 

For more than 20 years, Rebel War has been accompanied by the class banner competition. Classes have been given the creative freedom by the organizers to come up with their own themes. Each class then designs their banner and t-shirt based on this theme. Ms. Callaghan said, “We like to give this freedom to the class planning committees. It ends up to be something very fun and memorable for all.” 

Though Rebel War has not been run in full for the past three years, many still remember the experience. Student government co-advisor Mrs. Bridget Forie recalls, “It’s a unifying event. Bringing everyone together to do something fun…competitive but fun.” 

Some students are hesitant to embrace Rebel War. Freshman Raymond Zhang said, “Information has been shoved in our faces a lot… Personally, I won’t be doing any of the events, but the games in gym classes are very fun.” 

Class of 2026 planner Ellen Zhang added, “In my opinion, I think that Rebel War is a great team building experience. It reminds me of the field days we partaken in elementary school but better because we have more events.”

Mrs. Forie remembers from her first Rebel War, like many students experiencing their first, “My first reaction was wow, this is what high school is really about…Those are the moments kids remember from high school. You might not remember what you learned in Algebra that day, but you’ll remember Rebel War.”